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Payroll Services

Outsourcing your payroll services can save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your core business growth activities. Our partners can help you simplify the payroll process by offering online payroll services, payroll tax services, workers’ comp insurance and time & attendance solutions.

Why use a Payroll Service?

1. Manage Workforce Costs
2. HR Compliance
3. Lower Expenses
4. Focus on Core Business
5. Attract and Retain Great Employees
6. Improve Risk Management, Safety Support and Claims Processing

Our Services

SourceOne Partners makes it extremely easy to choose PEO services. We are located in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The PEOs that we work with are licensed in all 50 states. Contact us today online or at 561.674.0748 to learn more on lowering your current costs and exposure.


Source One Partners will make the payroll process convenient and simple for you through a payroll service provider.

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Payroll Tax Services

Outsourcing your payroll and payroll tax responsibilities to a payroll company can help your company run more efficiently.

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Online Payroll Services

SourceOne Partners offers payroll solutions both through PEO companies and payroll companies to process payroll online. 

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Workers Comp

SourceOne Partners can help you find the best solution for workers’ comp insurance in Florida and throughout the country.

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Time & Attendance

Sourceone Partners can help you find the best solution for managing your employees’ time and attendance.

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Schedule a FREE payroll consultation and analysis with our payroll experts.

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What Our Clients Say

Working with SourceOne Partners has saved us time, helped us minimize our risks and saved us thousands on workers’ compensation costs.
C.A. – General Contractor – Miami, FL
The PEO that SourceOne Partners recommended is more than just a payroll company. They are a full-service PEO with all the bells and whistles.
C.P. – General Contractor – Hollywood, FL
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Are you thinking about outsourcing payroll services or HR, or looking into changing your PEO provider? Contact us for a Free consultation from one of our PEO or payroll experts. Call us at 561.674.0748