Will GOP Try and Repeal Health Care reform?

Will GOP Try and Repeal Health Care reform?

Republican candidates pledged that their first item of business would be repealing the health care laws passed in March.


Such a complete undo is unlikely given the political realities, and President Obama still has veto power.

Another complication is some provisions of health care reform already in effect. Among one of the popular provisions are allowing parents to keep kids up to age 26 on their policies.

A piecemeal rollback of future provisions may be more likely than completely discarding the current law.

The GOP would like the states to have more power and responsibility of extending health insurance coverage to some of the uninsured.

The GOP does not want any mandates or government-run insurance pools. They would like to cap court awards for medical malpractice and help individuals place more pretax dollars into health savings accounts.

The GOP is expected to attack pieces of the law, a likely start would be with the requirement forcing small businesses to tell the Internal Revenue Service about all purchases over $600, which many Republicans have declared a “job-killing” mandate.

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