Why PEO Brokers Should Make Customer Service Priority #1

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Why PEO Brokers Should Make Customer Service Priority #1

What is your customer service like? Is that really important in this age of technological advancements? What are customers really looking for?

It may seem like offering a great line of products, competitive prices, and so-so customer service would cut it nowadays. Toss in a few perks, like a sleek website or maybe a smartphone app, and that’s all you need, right?

As it turns out, customer service is more important than ever. Here’s what your customers demand — and what they’ll find elsewhere if you’re not offering it to them.

Timely Response to Queries and Complaints

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Your customers won’t ring your phone all day. They’ll just call the next PEO broker listed in their Google search.

In the age of instant access to communications and information, customers aren’t satisfied with “a call back when it’s convenient.” If they have a question or problem, they demand help and answers now. Make yourself available to your customers, via a chat feature on your website and a full-featured call line. When your customers can reach out to you when they need to, they won’t bother looking elsewhere out of frustration.

Valuable, Timely Advice on Products and Savings Opportunities

Are you offering your customers valuable information on the issues that affect them? Do you send them newsletters or emails informing them of changes in policies, legislation, or other factors that affect their insurance coverage, policy rates, or ability to get insurance? Content marketing is a huge force in insurance brokerage, and if you’re not giving your customers the information they need, they will find it where they can get it — from your competitors.

The Ability to Trust What You Say

Trustworthiness is a huge factor in whether customers choose to do business with you. If you promise something, you need to deliver. They have to be able to trust the solutions you offer them, the pricing structure, and your ability to meet their needs. Don’t underestimate the importance of trustworthiness when dealing with your customers.

The Sense You Care About Them

Customers need to know that their business is important to you. If they get the idea that they are just one of the ID numbers in your computer system, they’ll find a broker that can offer them personalized service with a great attitude. Make it clear that their needs are important to you and that their business means something to you.

A Good Selection of Products and Services

Great customer service doesn’t stop with how you treat your customers. It’s still important to offer a great product line to meet their needs. What insurance products are they in need of? Are there additional services that would fill in gaps they have in existing products? If you can offer a greater selection to your customers, they won’t be tempted to stray elsewhere for their needs.

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