Tips for Measuring Employee’s Time & Attendance

Tips for Measuring Employee’s Time & Attendance

Owning a small business requires careful monitoring of all financial transactions, marketing strategies and company decisions, but measuring each employee’s hours is just as important. From strict attendance policies to work flow, it’s your duty as a small business owner to effectively supervise time management in your office, because this drastically affects your company payroll. So how exactly can you ensure that your workers’ time and hours are measured efficiently?

Automated time and attendance software can help diminish labor costs by setting forth a series of strict pay and labor rules. Managing your timecard tracking, employee data and labor approvals becomes so much easier once your automated payroll service has been deployed. Because everything is simplified, accurate and automated with time and attendance software, your payroll management helps reduce costs. Overpaying your employees no longer causes a threat to your organization budgets, and confusion is minimized with daily processes. An automated time management software system helps employees stay focused on their daily tasks, as the payroll reflects an accurate measure of work to pay accountability. It’s best to keep employees steadily engaged in their work while they’re on the time clock.

How to Maximize Workers’ Hours

Studies have shown that corporate meetings are the leading time wasters for small businesses. Purely effective in theory, meetings gloss over the glaringly obvious fact that workers’ hours are not actually spent doing work. This isn’t to say that meetings should be done away with completely, as this is certainly not the path to take with your time management. As a small business owner, time is even more valuable than you may realize. Your goal should be to have fewer meetings, less interference and heightened productivity. Tying in with the idea that your employees work best when uninterrupted, meetings tend to break the workflow in your office. These common meeting strategies could help you increase productivity in the workplace:

–      Schedule corporate meetings during lunch or off the time clock. This creates a more bonded experience with your employees, yet time is managed effectively when work needs to be done.

–      Limit in-office meetings to 15 or 20 minutes, leaving small talk and introductions for later.

–      Hold meetings only when you need it most. Project progress can be summed up in an email or quick phone call.

Time Management is Key

Managing your workers’ time and attendance does not have to be difficult, nor do you need to become the feared boss. Strict deadlines and carefully monitored employees will improve efficiency within the company. SourceOne Partners, with offices in Florida and New Jersey, offers time and attendance software solutions at competitive prices. Contact us online or call 561-674-0748 today to learn more about what we can do for you. We simply find our clients the best solutions for their businesses.