Can PEO Companies (Professional Employer Organizations) Help with OSHA Compliance?

Can PEO Companies (Professional Employer Organizations) Help with OSHA Compliance?

OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) exists to make the workplace a safer environment for everyone, but non-compliance with OSHA regulations could result in serious injury or death. It’s important for your business to stay compliant with OSHA, both for your employees’ safety and for your financial management. A PEO company (professional employer organization) can help you ensure you are meeting OSHA standards and staying compliant with work site safety regulations.

If your business is not compliant with OSHA standards, your employees could be at risk for serious and life-threatening injuries. OSHA employs on-site inspectors to regulate the guidelines set forth by the administration, fining businesses when they are found in violation of these regulations. The fine amounts and violation classifications are essentially grouped into three categories, regardless of business size.

The Dangers of OSHA Non-Compliance

The first category of OSHA violations are those that pose a risk to worker safety, though it would not likely result in serious injury or death. The fine amount is to the discretion of the inspector, not to exceed $7,000. The second category refers to serious violations resulting in a mandatory $7,000 fine for noncompliance. Serious violations are related to workplace risks that could result in serious injury or death of an employee. Willful violations refer to non-compliance of OSHA regulations in which blatant negligence or failure to rectify a hazardous situation is found by the inspector. The fines for these violations could range anywhere from $5,000 per instance (if reduced by the inspector) to $70,000 per instance.

OSHA and Workers’ Comp Claims

However, the dangers of OSHA non-compliance extend far beyond monetary fines. The health and safety of your employees should always be a priority for business, as it could sustain positive work morale and decrease the number of workers’ compensation claims. Although OSHA regulations may differ from industry to industry, work safety education is necessary to operate an efficient business of any size. Non-compliance of these regulations could result in an unsafe work environment for your employees, leading to stress, depression and other issues of concern.

PEO companies have the ability to educate employees on safety regulations and OSHA guidelines, which can help companies avoid violation fines and maintain a safe working environment. SourceOne Partners can provide customized solutions that help minimize your risks and liabilities. Call us today at 561-674-0748 or contact us online for a custom PEO or payroll quote.