The Benefits of Being on a PEO Company’s Workers’ Comp Policy vs. Your Own Policy

The Benefits of Being on a PEO Company’s Workers’ Comp Policy vs. Your Own Policy

A PEO (professional employer organization) can offer businesses of any size a well-regulated workers’ compensation policy, creating benefits that far outweigh your own company’s policy. PEO companies can help small businesses avoid workers’ comp claims by administering safety programs and educating workers on risks and liabilities around the workplace. Because training is very important for skilled labor and hands-on work, a PEO company will ensure that all employees are receiving proper education on preventative liabilities and safety measures, improving safety and reducing workers’ compensation claims on the job.

Reduce Job-related Injuries and Save Money with a PEO

Job-related injuries and OSHA’s safety standards are taken seriously with PEO companies. Drug tests, loss control, claims management of injuries, training seminars and other useful safety measures are conducted. Because your business may not provide many of these safety measures, the benefits of a PEO company’s workers’ compensation policy is much stronger and more adaptive than any policy you could offer on your own. These added safety measures could help reduce the number of workplace injuries, lowering the amount of claims opened and saving you money.

Effectively resolving workplace injuries is very important, as well. Alternative jobs or transfers to departments with less physical involvement can help restore an employee’s usefulness to the company, reduce his/her anxiety about the situation and lower the amount of workers’ compensation cases that are filed every year.

A PEO company can also help reduce workers’ compensation claims by maintaining a low loss ratio policy in the work environment. Even with a workers’ comp insurance policy on your company’s side, a PEO company understands that promoting worksite safety and implementing incentive programs can prevent injuries and reduce liabilities. When employees are held accountable for their actions, especially in the name of workers’ compensation and work-related injuries of others, performance may increase and injuries generally decrease.

While safety in the workplace should be a major concern for every business, the actions taken after a work-related injury occurs are vital. There’s no time to waste when an accident occurs, therefore a PEO understands the timely nature of providing employees with the medical care they may need. Workers’ compensation claims management services can ensure that the employee is treated as quickly as possible, as this leads to a quicker return to worker health. Likewise, a PEO can administer post-accident drug tests to ensure that employees are not abusing prescription drugs. It’s important that employees get the help needed to heal so they can return to work quickly.

Improve Efficiencies and Protect Your Company with a Workers’ Comp Policy from a PEO Company

Small business owners and managers tend to have enough issues to deal with on a daily basis, so PEO companies can provide efficiencies to a small HR department, increase employee benefits and offer cost-efficient workers’ compensation insurance. SourceOne Partners can provide competitive quotes on PEO companies and workers’ comp insurance. Call 561-674-0748 or contact us online today for a free estimate.