4 Essential Apps to Manage Your Company’s Payroll with Your iPhone 6

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4 Essential Apps to Manage Your Company’s Payroll with Your iPhone 6

Like any announcement from Apple, the iPhone 6 has put tech geeks in a frenzy. It’s bigger, it’s more powerful, it has a better display, and it serves as the perfect reminder that you can take care of your company’s payroll on your smartphone. These apps will be perfect for the iPhone 6, and they’ll be perfect for you if you want to take care of payments, attendance and more on the go.

RUN Powered by ADP Mobile Payroll


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Well-reviewed by PC Magazine and other major publications, RUN Powered by ADP is one of the most powerful and flexible payroll apps out there. It essentially has all of the features you’d have from your office desktop – it handles rate adjustment, taxes, paid time off and more across multiple departments. You can also pull up employee information, as well as HR policies, terminologies, and tips. The app also includes several security features to put your mind at ease when handling such an important function on the bus (or maybe at the bar). Most notably, all transactions are routed through ADP’s secure servers. It’s a powerful, intuitive and secure app, making it a prime choice for your payroll needs.

Payroll by Wave


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If your payroll is on a smaller scale, Payroll by Wave may be better suited for you. While it shares a lot of features with RUN Powered by ADP, Payroll by Wave is marketed more at small business owners who are managing a payroll of half a dozen people instead of half a dozen departments. It’s incredibly fast – you’ll get pay taken care of just as quickly as if you were at your desk. Employees can use it too – they’ll receive notifications when payment comes in.
Most importantly, it also features a number of security features. Whether you go with Wave, ADP or another payroll app, make sure you choose something secure.

Timesheet Pro


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If your own payroll involves a lot of time management, you’ll need a good timesheet app to keep track of everything. Timesheet Pro – which comes recommended by MacWorld – should offer all of the features you need. If you’re the one on the clock, it’s easy to track your hours from multiple clients and assignments. If your employees need to be keeping track of their time, they can export in-depth but simple to read invoices to you. Either way, Timesheet Pro features automatic daily payment calculations, overtime tracking, an excellent calendar and multiple graphs that let you easily break down your revenue stream. If you have any financial reason to be keeping track of your time, Timesheet Pro will ensure that you don’t waste the time that isn’t making you money.



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If you run a business that requires employees to clock in and out, why not use your phone to keep track of everyone? TimeStation allows employees to clock in on an iPhone in moments using a PIN or a printable QR card. Then you can run online reports to track attendance, calculate pay, or just see who’s at work at the moment. While it’s great for small businesses, larger ones can take advantage of features like GPS location tagging and support for multiple locations and departments so you always know who’s where. And you can export the data to Excel or other programs in case you ever need to do some serious timesheet crunching.

Simplify Payroll Management On-the-Go

Using these tools to manage payroll can help simplify your life and benefit your business. If you are interested in outsourcing payroll services to qualified professionals, the payroll experts at SourceOne Partners can help you find the right match for your needs. Call us today at 561-674-0748 or click here to request a free payroll quote online.